According to a recent BrightNest survey, almost 60% of people sleep in dirty linens – they don’t wash their bedding every week.

Doesn’t seem like a big deal? Keep this in mind: You spend 1/3 of your life in bed. Some of those times you’re probably naked. Nakedness leads to excess dust. And excess dust means you could be shacking up with as many as 10 million dust mites.

That’s a little gross in general, but these mites can also ruin a good night’s sleep by triggering allergies. And your bed isn’t the only place in the boudoir collecting dust!

Make sure you always get a great night’s sleep by cleaning the following 8 spots:

1. The Bed

If you do nothing else on this list, get in the habit of washing your sheets every week.

Like we said before, between catching Zs and making whoopee, your bed is a dust mite paradise because they love the dead skin you’re shedding. To keep dust mites at bay, wash your sheets once a week on high heat.

Tip: If once a week is a lot to handle, try lining your bed with a hypoallergenic mattress protector under your regular sheets. This will provide an extra barrier between dust mites and those delicious dead flakes falling off of your body.

2. Houseplants

There are a lot of advantages to having houseplants in the bedroom (Don’t believe us? Here are eight of them!) But, there are also a few drawbacks. Namely: Dust. To keep your plants dust-free, take your plant outside and give it a light, warm shower with the hose every few weeks.

3. Dresser Drawers

Most people have at least one "miscellaneous" drawer. Stuff goes in, but nothing comes out! To keep dust from piling up inside these catchalls, rotate your drawers like the tires of a car every 2-3 months. While the drawers are out, throw out any items you haven't worn (or seen!) in the past six months.

4. Blinds

Fact: Blinds do two things well. Keep out light and collect dust. Blinds can be tricky to clean because they’re ultra-thin. Instead of half-cleaning them with a dry duster, grab a baby wipe. With the wet cloth in hand, rub your hand along the length of the blind. (It helps if you put on a little Beyoncé.) Tip: Check out some more ways you can use baby wipes around the house.

5. Ceiling Fan

Have you checked out the top of your ceiling fan lately? It can turn into a dust haven, especially during the winter. Tip: If your ceiling fan is directly above your bed, take your sheets off of the bed before you dust. That way, you can vacuum any fallen dust off the mattress.

6. Window Screen

If you ever open your bedroom window to air things out, you should also clean your screens every 3-4 months. Nothing crazy: just remove the screens, run the vacuum hose over them, and then wipe both sides down with a damp dust sheet. Tip: If you're vacuuming near a window anyway, why not run the hose over the screens for a mini-dusting?

7. Electronic Devices

Snuggling up in bed to watch Scandal or Game of Thrones on a big TV is all any of us really want, right? The last thing you probably want to do is venture behind that TV to clean. But, lurking among the wires is a lot of dust. To get rid of it, spray into your devices' cooling fans with air spray. Bonus: Not only will you eliminate dust from a problem area, you'll extend the lives of your electronic devices.

8. Closet

Your closet is like dust's cozy hideaway vacation home. During the summer, that heavy coat you’re storing in the closet is basically the equivalent of a Cancun excursion (for dust, anyway). To shoo dust bunnies away, keep your closet organized and store off-season clothes the right way.

Information provided by Jessica Regan.

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