So, you’re ready to grill. Time to gather supplies! Cold beer? Check. Summer playlist? Check. Cinnamon sticks…huh?

We think that grilling should be about more than just burgers and pork. It should also be a sensory experience! And while good smells come standard to most grills, epic aromatherapy takes one simple addition: herbs. Not only do herbs create aromas that will make you want to rev up the Weber every day of the week, they offer unique grilling benefits, too.

Here are three ways herbs can make your BBQ even better:

1. Sage + Rosemary (a.k.a The BBQ bomb)

When met by a flame, a handful of sage and/or rosemary creates a fragrant smoke with a trifecta of perks:

1) adding subtle flavor to your food

2) smelling heavenly

3) acting as a natural bug repellent

For best results, soak your herbs in water for a few minutes first and then lay them directly onto the coals while they’re still damp. Once you’ve BBQ-bombed it up, proceed with grilling as usual.

2. Cinnamon Skewers

Want a flavorful alternative to the standard wood and metal skewers? Try cinnamon sticks! We recommend using them to make fruit kabobs. First, puncture pieces of pineapple, peaches and nectarines with a metal skewer and then layer the pieces onto a cinnamon stick. Grill until the fruit begins to caramelize for a sweet, unexpectedly spicy treat. Bonus:You can also use cinnamon skewers for meats. For details, head over to Open Cookbook.

3. Bake It In

Marinades are all well and good, but did you know you can also infuse your meat with herbal flavor? Softer herbs like mint, oregano and thyme are best cooked in close quarters with your meat for maximum flavor infusion. Snip them into sprigs and rinse carefully. Then, place the pieces of herbs onto a sheet of aluminum foil. With the herbs in place, add your meat and/or vegetables to the foil along with olive oil or butter and wrap them tightly in the foil before grilling.

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