To say that the Harrisburg PA real estate market was a challenge may be an understatement. In the news there were the continuous reminders that the market was not what it was four or five years ago. And although we had to work our way through all the negatives, such as short sales, foreclosures and buyers not being able to obtain financing our market was pretty resilient.  For the month of December 2011, total sales were down 3% compared to December 2010 and the average sales price decreased 4% for the same period. For the full year of 2011 the number of sales decreased 6% and the average sales price declined by 4%. When compared to a majority of areas in the United States these numbers would have been hailed as a great year. But there are some head winds ahead before we see a reversing trend of the last few years. Most likely there will be a greater number of foreclosures and short sales in 2012 which could negatively impact values for a period of time but even though these two items have been impacting our market to a degree there were buyers and homes were being sold. So I am anticipating by the middle of the year we may reach a stable market and although I don’t see a substantial upturn in the average sales price we will begin to see some positive results in the second half of the year.

What does it take to sell a home with a almost record high number of homes on the market and the average time extending? Your home must be seen through the prospective buyers’ eyes and what do they perceive the value in your home. It doesn’t matter what the neighbors home sold for a year ago or what improvements you have made the buyer will determine the value or they are off to see some of your competition. That is the harsh reality of the Harrisburg PA real estate market today but as I say that I have heard of multiple offers on certain homes in all price ranges. So my recommendation is hang in there and if you are considering the sale of your home you are probably going to be able to purchase a home that two years ago you thought was out of your price range. So there is hope as a buyer and seller when you also take into consideration of the extremely low interest rates available today. Please look below the chart for some additional assistance.


West Shore


School District             2010                             2011                 Days on Market

Camp Hill                                 $215,883                       $203,863           63/109

Carlisle                                    $154,839                       $169,884           81/110

Cumberland Valley                  $276,633                       $268,674           109/143

East Pennsboro                       $130,418                       $202,236           86/82

Mechanicsburg                        $226,874                       $191,669           110/111

Northern                                   $175,276                       $212,333           65/105

West Shore                              $167,412                       $184,375           104/124 



East Shore

School District             2010                             2011                 Days on Market

Central Dauphin                       $172,623                       $179,880           89/86

Harrisburg                                $ 60,680                        $ 50,400            134/145

Lower Dauphin                        $219,950                       $295,000           53/162

Derry Township                        $189,216                       $264,355           103/72 

Middletown                              $154,048                       $111,686           114/66

Steel High                                $ 51,443                        $ 31,500            122/119

Susquehanna Twp                   $153,279                       $131,405           111/159


You can go to my web site, and click on the search listings tab and you have the ability to preview ALL active listings in any region of the area. Or if you would like contact me and I can establish an Neighborhood Activity Report which will provide you with a periodic report near your home to monitor recent activity. I have said before that we would be exiting this down turn and now I really believe that we are near the beginning of a normal Harrisburg PA real estate market.