A coat draped over the couch may not be a big deal, but a coat strewn on the couch, a few pairs of shoes on the floor and jewelry on the table adds up to something big: C-L-U-T-T-E-R. Instead of attacking clutter room-by-room, it can be helpful to attack a single type of item that contributes to clutter in a bunch of places. Clothes, in this case. Let’s organize!


  1. Bedroom Closet

If your bedroom closet looks like something out of American Horror Story right now, then you should do a full audit and revamp. If it’s messy but not disastrous, you may just need to change your closet mindset. Try embracing this idea: Closets aren’t meant for storage. Yup. To actually keep your closet clean, you must think of your closet as a functional space. In other words, give your closet a job. Need more details? Here’s the secret to keeping your closet functional.

  1. Closet Shelves

Closet shelves are the Bermuda Triangle of storage spaces – items get put up there, and are never seen again. To keep your closet shelves from effing up your wardrobe, invest in some baskets. Give each basket a job (same as with your entire closet), like tie holder or scarf storage. Label ‘em up and don’t mix up the jobs! You’ll never lose a headband or tie again.

  1. Drawers

Throwing items in a drawer is a quick way to make a mess. Enter: Dividers, dividers, dividers. Measure your drawers and give them each a specific job (seeing a pattern yet?) like shirts, pants, lingerie and socks. Then, install something like these spring-loaded dividers so the drawers will stay organized with minimal effort.

  1. Shoes

Shoes count as clothes, right?! Plus, disorganized shoes can feel like they have a life of their own, and easily become strewn about the house. Keep ‘em controlled by playing the no-floor game. Once shoes hit the floor they tend to stay there and clutter up every room in your house. Instead, use tools like door organizers, plastic bins and cloth vertical hanging organizers. When you take your shoes off, keep them off of the floors and put them back in their allotted place. For more shoe organization tips, read: Organize Your Shoes.

  1. Jewelry

It’s easy to store your jewelry out of sight, and then forget about your favorites and never wear them! To display your jewelry without making a mess, set up some old teacups, hooks and pushpins in your bedroom. Now you'll be able to keep track of your jewelry, instead of taking off your rings and leaving them in any ol' room in your house.

Information provided by BrightNest.com.

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