Are you feeling a wee-bit reliant on your morning java? Whether you’re looking to break a coffee habit or just need backup plans for when you’re out of beans, here are some great options.

Check out seven ways to wake the heck up without caffeine:

1. Expose Yourself to Sunlight as Fast as Possible

It’s time to open the blinds, people! When you’re exposed to sunlight in the morning it alerts your internal clock that it’s time to wake up. There is a special type of cell in your eyeball that has nothing to do with vision, and exists solely to absorb light to help set your internal clock, according to National Geographic. (They’re called intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells, by the by.)

2. Pump That Heart Rate, Gently

Even something as nice as a backstretch will warm your core and wake you up in the morning. Recommended by a yogi Brightnester in our office is the knee-down twist. Mostly because you don’t have to get out of bed to do it! You can see a detailed instruction here. Then you can move on to some light crunches to wake up your physical self.

3. A Cold Glass of Water

It sounds too simple to be true, right? After a night of sleep, your body has become dehydrated and needs water to start functioning again. Most importantly, H2O in the AM will turn up your metabolism for the day! A cold glass of water really can have a similar effect to a hot cup of Joe.

4. Have a Low-Carb Breakfast

Eating carbs for breakfast causes a spike in your insulin levels. When the insulin begins to drop a few hours later, you’ll feel hungry again. If you’re looking to have a morning meal that will keep you satisfied until lunch time, go the high-protein route. One way to save time is to hard-boil eggs the night before or grab an avocado and some salt so you can eat when you get to the office.

5. Get Outside

The best option would be a morning walk. If that’s not possible, make the first activity after clothing yourself be a quick jaunt outdoors. Even if you’re just getting outside to check the weather and confirm your ensemble. Walk ten steps and then make your way back to your door. A little goes a long way with this one.

6. Essential Oils

Put some zippy essential oils like lemon or peppermint by your bed and a fresh towel. When you wake up in the morning drop some oils on the towel and rest it on your eyes. Give yourself two minutes to breathe in the energizing air and then open your eyes to the big, bright world.

7. Cold Water, Straight to the Face

We’re not requiring a cold shower here (although that will definitely get the job done). Splash some cold water on your face before you brush your teeth in the morning. Zing!

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