Six Top Home-Selling Mistakes Identified

Six Top Home-Selling Mistakes Identified

Six Top Home-Selling Mistakes Identified

Three of the top six mistakes occur in the pricing of homes offered for sale. Sellers tend to base current market value on the following:

  1. original price,
  2. added improvements,
  3. or cost of replacement
instead of on a Comparative Market Analysis and find that buyers don’t make offers and the homes don’t sell.


Condition becomes the next key factor, generating two of the remaining three mistakes. Sellers commit these two errors:

  1. They neglect to perform minor repairs and touch-ups that greatly improve a home’s value to buyers.
  2. They don’t replace worn or dated carpet or patterned wallpaper or paint over bright walls, which would increase appeal to buyers.
Their homes sit on the market for months, turning into “stale” listings that get passed up.


Many sellers are filled with misconceptions about what it takes to sell their homes. Why?

  1. They rely on the advice of friends and family when getting ready to sell their homes, the sixth top mistake.
Often, this well-meaning advice is completely wrong. Yet sellers understandably place trust in those who they trust on other matters, rather than seeking out an expert.


Learn the facts that will make selling your home a smooth and pleasant experience instead of a frustrating and difficult one.

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