From important checkups of major systems to repairing your front door, sometimes it can feel like your to-do list is more of a cash drain than anything else. Give your wallet a break and try these free ways to improve and maintain your home.

  1. toolsInspect important areas of your home. Regularly inspecting parts of your home that are prone to damage or infestation is one of the easiest ways to prevent expensive repairs. If it’s been awhile, start with your attic and your basement.

  2. Relocate a spare dresser. Is there a dresser in your guest bedroom that’s never been used? Move it into your kitchen or dining room! Spare dressers are perfect for storing things like plates and cookware, plus it’s a great opportunity to freshen up a room.
  3. Block drafts. A leaky door might not seem like a big deal, but drafts can consume up to 30 percent of your home’s energy usage. For a quick, no-cost solution, roll up an old bath towel and place it at the base of drafty doors or windows. (For a more permanent fix, reach into your wallet and purchase a $4 tube of caulk.)
  4. Go minimalist. Nothing costs less than getting rid of stuff. If you’re feeling industrious, you could even try to sell unused items on Ebay or at an old-fashioned garage sale. If you’re not sure where to start, brush up on the minimalist lifestyle with these tips: Save Money and Space: Furniture You Don’t Really Need.
  5. Clean your dryer ducts. This is an important, free task that a lot of people forget! Dryer lint can ignite if it’s allowed to build up in the exhaust duct. Clean your dryer ducts twice a year to prevent this fire hazard.
  6. Test for hard water. It’s harmless to drink, but hard water (which contains high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium) can damage your boiler and clog your pipes. Those issues can be expensive to repair – like, $10,000 expensive – but testing for hard water is free! All you need is a plastic water bottle and a little bit of dish soap.

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