Technology is good. But the cords that come with our gadgets? Not so great. With every new “life-changing” generation of gadget comes a new charger, and behind every entertainment center is a jungle of cords. With innovation, we’ve created a monster. A Cord Clutter Monster.

power cordsTo tame the beast, first do a technology audit to get rid of all of any duplicate chargers. Then try one or more of these cord-organizing tricks:

1. Keep Chargers Organized with Toilet Paper Rolls

To keep chargers from getting out of control, you’ll need one empty toilet paper roll per charger. When the chargers aren’t being used, store them in their own toilet paper tube. To keep the tubes organized, put them all in one box. And bam! Your chargers will be organized.

2. Make an Easy DIY Charging Station from a Shoebox

Put an old shoebox to use as a cord charging station! The inside of the box will hold the power source and your gadgets’ cords will be threaded through the front. All you need is a pair of scissors.

Place your power strip in the box, and then cut a hole in the back that will fit your power strip’s cord. For the gadgets’ cords, cut a few holes in the front to thread the chargers through. To see a few examples of this charging station, visit DIY for Life.

3. Corral Your Cords with Binder Clips

We love this Lifehacker cord organization trick. To corral your cords, all you need are a few chip binder clips. Clip them in a row to the end of your desk or nightstand and thread the ends of your chargers through the clips. The charging end will sit atop the binder clip. This way you can always find the cord you’re looking for. 

4. Don’t Want to DIY? Buy a Solution

If you’re not going to have time for a DIY session before the clutter monster eats your happiness, we really like this power strip. It even has a USB plug-in option.

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