We are pumped for spring cleaning! What better time to clear out all of that winter dust and bring the fresh feel of spring into your home? If you’re geared up and ready to go, here are ten “must-clean” areas of your home. Let this checklist be your guide as you spruce things up!.

Ready to rock your cleaning socks off? Tackle these ten things!


Brighten up rooms and keep dust to a minimum by cleaning your overhead fixtures. Just make sure all of your fixtures are turned off before you climb up there and start cleaning!


Depending on the material, you may be able to just vacuum these guys, but check the label to be sure. For really stinky drapes, it’s best to hand wash them in cold water.


Scoot that sofa to the side and you’ll probably uncover a secret world of dust and dirt. As you clean, keep an eye out for loose change between those cushions, too!


Changing your air filters regularly will prolong the life of your furnace and keep the air you breathe free from dust and allergens. Plus, it only takes about five minutes!


Mold is most common in dark, moist areas such as your bathrooms, basement and attic. To kill mold and soap scum, mix a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide!


Flipping your mattresses will prolong their life by distributing the wear. Flip your mattresses over so the top becomes the bottom, and turn them so the foot becomes the head.


Banish bacteria and prevent food poisoning by clearing out your fridge. Toss anything that’s rotten, expired or questionable. Tip: Keep things fresh with a box of baking soda!


Break out the broom and vacuum! Before you begin, squeeze a fresh lemon or lime into your vacuum bag. This will freshen both the bag and the carpet.


You probably clean the ‘ole porcelain throne regularly, but there’s no substitution for a deep scrub. Tip: Lemon juice and denture cleaning tablets are both effective toilet cleaners!


Lint builds up in your dryer duct throughout the year, and can create a serious fire hazard if it’s not cleared. Make sure you clean both the duct and the exterior vent!

Want some spring cleaning extra credit? Take care of these areas, too!

Doorknobs. All that hand-traffic opens the door to tons of germs!

Washing machine. Your washing machine cleans your clothes, but who cleans your washing machine?

Garage. It’s normal for a garage to turn into a glorified storage closet, but with a clean garage you can utilize the space to its fullest potential.

Refrigerator coils. Letting your refrigerator’s coils get dirty is kind of like pinching someone’s nose shut and telling them to do jumping jacks – not nice!

Toys. Batman and Barbie deserve a little spa treatment, too! Depending on the type, you may be able to wash your kid’s toys in the dishwasher!

Clothes Iron. Over time, the soleplate of your iron gets covered in a yellowish film that can be transferred onto your clothes!

Coffee maker. Remove old coffee grounds, oils and hard water deposits that are ruining the taste of your coffee!

Plant leaves. Dust off the leaves of your houseplants so that they can soak up the sunlight and make your home a healthier place.

Shower curtain. Put a stop to mold, mildew and that nasty layer of soap scum that’s cramping your shower curtain’s style!

Remote control. All that couch surfing can lead to a gunky remote control. Take yours apart and clean all of the individual parts, including the plastic buttons.

Information provided by BrightNest.com.

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