Think about this: Most of the days in your life will probably begin or end with a shower.

Your bathing routine can be the perfect start (or end) to your day, but a so-so shower setup can start you off on the wrong foot. So, if you’re not 100 percent stoked about your current situation, try one of these big-impact additions.

Since everyone’s shower budget is different, we collected ideas from a range of prices. Choose the upgrade that works best for you!

1. Eucalyptus Experience: $10

If you’re into woodsy scents and a natural atmosphere, eucalyptus is for you. Simply purchase a bundle of eucalyptus (available at most flower and natural grocery stores) and hang it in your shower where it won’t get wet. Humidity from the steamy water will cause the plant to release its essential oils, giving you a therapeutic experience with no extra effort.

2. Shower Caddy Upgrade: $50

If you’re living a caddy-less existence (or your current storage rack has a distinct “dorm room vibe”), an upgrade will make a big difference. I use the Zenith Kemp Caddy ($50) because it’s large enough for all of my stuff, and also has nice spots to hang several razors. Plus, I’ve had some bad tension rod experiences in the past, so this over-the-shower model is my jam. 

But, if you love tension rods, we’ve heard good things about this slightly more expensive model by simplehuman.

3. Singing Showerhead: $150

Would you be happier if your showers came with musical accompaniment? Probably. To test the waters, bring a stereo or phone into the bathroom with you and pump some tunes (or news, podcasts, audio books, etc.) just to see how you like it.

If you dig the experience, you may want to invest in a Bluetooth showerhead (especially because the stereo/phone set-up will be difficult to hear). The Kohler Moxie Showerhead is one of the most popular options on the market, so that’s a good place to start looking. However, if you have a cutting-edge showerhead you don’t want to part with, consider a suction-cup stereo instead.

Tip: Whatever you choose, make sure you keep the volume control near the shower – it’s going to sound extremely loud once you shut the water off!

4. Toasty Bathroom Floors: $2,000 and Up

You may associate heated bathroom floors with luxury hotels and Mark Zuckerberg’s house, but they’re not actually that out of reach! If you have a healthy budget ($2,000- $15,000 depending on the system you install), radiant floor heating (RFH) can be yours, too.  

So, if icy-cold tiles are consistently making your shower exits less enjoyable, radiant floor heating may be just the thing.

Tip: Like all remodeling projects, there are benefits and drawbacks to RFH. For more information, check out this article weighing pros and cons of heating your bathroom floor by Angie’s List.

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