Although in the greater Harrisburg/Central Pennsylvania real estate market we are experiencing the beginnings of a basing of prices, there are homeowners facing serious challenges with their home mortgage payments in an attempt to keep their individual homes. The recent action by the President and Congress through the recently passed legislation has given homeowners the resources to see through the various governmental initiatives a vehicle to save their homes. These programs are not going to save every homeowner, but these are channels to research the process and you have the ability to investigate what is available to you.

Here is a list of websites that offer tools that may help you if you are facing challenges with your mortgage:

In addition to these sites, please do not hesitate to go (Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency) as a site that can provide additional resources. BUT please do not go and pay for any credit counseling because all of the sites listed will provide the counseling at NO COST to you. ALSO REMEMBER, if you are having problems paying your mortgage payments, call your lender immediately because they are not in the business of owing homes and if there is a way, they and you are better off investigating the alternatives of foreclosure. Being proactive is the best alternative in the current environment.

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