There is a great deal of talk on whether there is a recovery occurring in the real estate landscape or if it just an illusion. In many areas of the country there has been a turn around and markets and home prices are improving, some more than others but there is an improvement after the last five years of nothing but negative news. Each purchaser has their own reasons for buying a Harrisburg PA home, maybe the need for a larger or in many cases a smaller home. Other circumstances may necessitate a move, but if one of the motivating factors to moving to a new home is unbelievably low mortgage rates that are being offered by is the time to move!

Today a 30 year fixed interest mortgage is at 3.375% which equates to a monthly principal and interest payment of $663.14 on $150,000. Compare that to 2006 – 2008 when the average rate was approximately 6.15% meaning the payment on the same amount would have been $913.84. And remember everyone wanted to buy a home during that period. Yes, circumstances have changed dramatically in the intervening time frame, but if you are looking to buy for the same amount borrowed you are “saving” $3000 per year in payments. AND most likely you are paying somewhat less for the home you are considering, so there can be a twofold benefit to you. No the real estate market, likes trees, is not going to grow to the sky but I hope this provides some perspective that there are positives in owning a Harrisburg PA home in 2013.

On the other hand, if you plan to stay in your home for a period of time why not consider refinancing at a lower rate than you have at the present time. Knowing each situation is different than the next, look into the possibility of refinancing? I had a quote on a 15 year fixed rate mortgage of 2.75% meaning the payment of the above amount of $150,000 would be $813.25 compared to a payment of $948.97 if you had a remaining term of 20 years left on your mortgage and at an original rate of 4.50%. That is $135 less per month and 5 years less of payments. And guess who saves all that money? You do.

Realizing that all circumstances may be different and the rates may be slightly higher or lower, I think you owe it to yourself to check what is available and put the money in your pocket. If you would like to discuss this further, need the name of a lender or just find out valuations in preparation for 2013 please contact me at or 717-579-2879.

May you have a happy and prosperous New Year!

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