Welcome to cozy boot camp. If you’ve been relying on that 10-year old pair of flannel pajamas for your sole source of bedroom cozy, then it’s time for an upgrade. Let’s get started.

1. An Electric Heating Pad

It’s NOT that time of the month again. Heating pads are made for all people that like to be warm while they do lovely things like read or watch TV shows. Cozy Tip: Try turning your heating pad on a few minutes before you plan to snuggle up under the covers to avoid that cold-sheets transition.

2. More Pillows, and Then Some More Pillows

You want to be ready for every occasion: propping up your feet, sitting up straight and crafting, and feeling like you’re sleeping in a sunken pillow fortress. Call yourself the impromptu-pillow-party pioneer, and set sail.

3. A Bedside Lamp that Actually Works

Some bedside lamps can be absolutely adorable and, simultaneously, absolutely useless. We’re talking about those really small ones with cute, navy-blue shades that give off no light and make reading impossible. You need a bedside lamp that makes reading in bed a dream. Like this one, that has levels of brightness depending on your mood. If you want something more flexible, these copper lights can be hung on any wall and provide a ton of warm, cozy light.

4. A Mattress Topper

Not only does this add an extra layer of cushion, mattress toppers lengthen the life of your mattress. They create an extra layer of protection against spills and, er, other stuff. More importantly, you can buy machine-washable toppers like this one.

5. Something That’s Alive

We know it’s winter and everything is dead and gray. That’s why you should consider adopting a new orchid or succulent plant. Something easy to care for that can bring some life back into your wake-up call. If you decide to take this tip to the next level, here’s the perfect plant for every room.

Optional: You could also buy 1-4 canine or feline companions to snuggle with you at all times.

6. New Pajamas

Operation No More Holes, commence! Or, if you really love your holey t-shirts, throw a fuzzy sweatshirt on top. And if you don’t have slippers, you definitely need slippers.

7. This Super Fuzzy Blanket

Faux Fur? Don’t mind if I do.

Information provided by BrightNest.com.

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