Home Sale Prices in Central Pennsylvania September 2010

The Greater Harrisburg area real estate market continues to be somewhat of a contraction. The sales number for September 2010 are down 35% compared to September 2009, but the average sales price has increased during the same time frame. So what does that mean to the current buyers and seller of real estate? First, there is plenty of concern about the economy and the impact on personal finances, job security and the values of homes. Second, valuations on many homes are down from the peak of the market but when compared to many areas, this geographic area has held its own and when you are reading about the real estate market many reports give a national versus a local perspective. Third, we will probably never see the year to year appreciation that we experienced, but this region has been relatively stable over the last thirty years and we will begin to see some appreciation, not great, within the next twelve months. So if you are looking to buy or sell, remember valuation is primary and when looking to purchase a home today’s mortgage interest rates, I was quoted 4.125% last Thursday for a thirty year mortgage, are at historic lows. So even if you are not in the market to purchase a home, you may want to seriously consider refinancing your current mortgage and saving some money.

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Average Sales Price
West Shore
School District
September 2009
September 2010
Days on Market
Camp Hill
Cumberland Valley
West Shore
East Pennsboro
East Shore
Central Dauphin
Derry Township
$ 76,451
$ 58,591
Lower Dauphin
Steel High
$ 70,756
$ 74,983


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