What do a Swiss Army knife and a can of blue paint have in common? They’re both multi-functional! You can paintprobably figure out the knife’s other uses, but what’s up with blue paint? Let’s just say that after you find out, you may start thinking about repainting your porch.

Choosing blue paint isn’t the only design decision that can have hidden benefits. Here are four home décor items that have two (or more) functions you may not know about.

Blue paint can also be ....

Wasp repellant. Few things ruin a relaxing porch session faster than a swarm of angry wasps, and getting rid of them isn’t always easy. Traipsing around with a can of Raid is one option, but here’s another idea: paint your porch ceiling a light blue (like robin’s egg or periwinkle). According to Southern wisdom, the color deters wasps from nesting in your ceiling because it’s a similar hue to the sky. Some people write this off as folklore, but we figure if it works, it works! At the very least, you’ll promote a sense of calmness on your porch.

Solar shades can also be ...

Furniture protectors. If ever there was a décor piece that deserves the Jack-of-all-trades nickname, it’s solar shades. Not only do these puppies create a cool, modern look in any room, they also reduce glare and heat from the sun. Plus, they block out UV rays, which prolongs the life of your furniture. To put your solar-shade excitement over the edge, some designs don’t obstruct your view when they’re drawn. There are a number of options on the market, but the Signature Solar Shades from Blinds.com are extremely popular.

Mirrors can also be ...

Sunlight magnifiers. A full-length mirror’s ability to show you how great your butt looks in those new jeans is well documented. But, depending on the placement of the mirror, it can also be used to brighten up a room! If possible, position a mirror across from a window or other source of natural light – it will reflect the light around the room and brighten things right up.

Sherwin Williams Harmony Paint can also be ...

An air freshener. If you thought paint was only good for adding color to a room, think again. Not only is the Harmony series a zero-VOC paint (good for your health), it also gets rid of house odors (good for your nose). Whether your home-stink comes in the pet, smoke, food or mold variety, Harmony is specifically designed to help freshen things up.

Information provided by BrightNest.com.

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