Summertime is most certainly the season of long days and poolside cocktails. But if you don’t take precautions, it can also become the season of sweaty armpits and heat-induced agitation. The thing is, staying cool at home during the summer can sometimes cramp your style.

If you’re less-than-psyched about breaking out that clunky floor-fan, try one of these tips for staying hip while you beat the summer heat at home:

1. Get creative with ice cubes. It turns out that ice cube trays can hold a lot more than frozen water. For example, they can become your secret weapon for making amazing coffee, impressing guests and even saving money. Check out nine tricks of the ice-cube trade.

2. Freeze grapes. Once you’ve mastered the art of creative cubes, start freezing grapes! It may seem like a strange idea at first, but popping a few frozen grapes into your mouth after a long, hot day in the sun is a fantastic (and delicious) way to chill out. Plus, nothing is cooler than sharing a frozen treat with friends and family. Bonus: Eating smaller meals and snacks will help your body stay cool throughout the day.

3. Taste the rainbow. The rainbow fan, that is! In some cases, being hip is just a short DIY craft project away. In just a few minutes, you can unlock the fashionable side of this functional item. Take your fan to the next level with this easy DIY project! Tip: If you want to add some pizzazz to your ceiling fan, check out this quick project from Design Sponge.

4. Bling out your blinds. Drawing your blinds during the hottest parts of the day is a great way to keep your home cool (and save on your utility bill), but if you have “blah” shades, doing that can be a bit of a bummer. Spruce things up with some spray paint. Simply remove your blinds, clean them off, lay them on a sheet outside and get to spraying! 

5. Make ice-cube treasure hunts. If you have young kids at home, no cooling trick will amaze them more than this. Grab an unused plastic bin or container. Fill it with colored water and various treasures – action figures, toy cars, marbles, shells and spare change all work well. Freeze it overnight (or for at least 12 hours) and then let your kids start digging! They can use kitchen utensils and a wooden mallet to dig, just be sure to keep an eye on them while they plunder. Tip: If you’re going to have them hunt outside, add a spray bottle full of warm water to their treasure-hunting arsenal. The hot water will help the melting process along.

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