Have the real estate prices in the Greater Harrisburg market begun to stabilize? The answer right now looks that we, as I have been saying, are getting close; but my only concern is that we need one or two more months of validation. When comparing the number of homes sold in June 2009 vs June 2010, there was a 3% increase in the numbers and a 7% increase in the average sales price to $200,419. The average sales price did increase from previous months average that had been in the $180’s, so we just want to be sure that this is not an anomaly.

There are three primary reasons that one may say caused the gain; 1) the effects and benefit of the Home Buyer Tax Credit; 2) there are perceived values in the market and; 3) mortgage interest rates remain extremely low, such as 4.75% for a thirty year fixed rate mortgage. But something else occurred, the higher end (homes that sold in excess of $300,000) of the market improved substantially and the number of homes over $400,000 had a more dramatic increase on a year over year basis, consisting of 14% of the number of sales in 2010. So one month does not make a trend, but there are positives that are beginning to appear. I will keep updating the movement of the market and if you have any specific real estate questions, please contact me at Don@DonRoth.com. Enjoy your summer.


Average Sales Price
West Shore
School District
June 2009
June 2010
Days on Market
Camp Hill
Cumberland Valley
West Shore
East Pennsboro
East Shore
Central Dauphin
Derry Township
$ 85,580
$ 75,581
Lower Dauphin
Steel High
$ 76,880
$ 71,975


Susquehanna Township

When reviewing the yearly comparisons between years for different school districts, there is usually a relatively small number of homes sold and when you have a few higher priced home sell, the month to month variance can be greatly exaggerated, up or down. Again, if you have any questions, please contact me at your convenience.