Let’s face it: Storage can be irritating in any room. But this small irritation can become a big fat issue when you’re dealing with a small bathroom. Where do you store towels? What about tweezers? And where exactly are you supposed to hide tampons when you don’t have drawers? We’ve found the solutions to these woes and more.

Here are six ways to make the most of a petite bathroom:

1. Add Extra Towel Racks to the Door

No matter how small your bathroom is, we bet it has a door. How many towel racks do you have on the back of that door? If the answer is “zero,” it’s time to hang a rack. If it’s “one,” you’re still selling your door space short. Try lining your door with enough racks to hang the majority of your towels. Then, store the rest in a closet somewhere else in the house. This rack from OXO is a solid option if you need to go shopping.

2. Make a “No Water, No Bathroom” Rule

Who said make-up and hair has to be done in the bathroom? Nobody, that’s who. Adopt the rule that if it doesn’t involve water, it doesn’t happen in the bathroom. Set up stations for make-up, hair and other habits in other spots and then get your makeup, makeup brushes and hair tools out of the bathroom. That will free up some serious space!

3. Use a Lazy Susan

The ‘80s brought us spandex, hammer pants and Lazy Susans. Remember those wheels everybody had on their dining room tables? Those babies are perfect for the under-the-sink area of a cramped bathroom. On your Susan, organize everyday items like Q-tips, cotton balls and toothpaste. Then, spin away. This way, you don’t have to go spelunking in the crowded cabinet every time you need something.

4. Podium Sink? Surround It with Shelves!

Whoever invented the podium sink should be put on trial, because those things are a crime. Where do you store your stuff? On the floor? Fix the problem with these creatively designed shelves from IKEA. (We also dig the name Ragrund.) They’re meant to fit snuggly around that annoying podium, and they’ll add some serious storage square footage to your bathroom.

5. Try Magnet Strips for the Little Things

Next time you’re in the bathroom, pay attention to how many metal do-dads you have laying around. Between bobby pins, nail clippers, razors and scissors, metal things are probably adding to your bathroom clutter. Fix the problem by hanging a knife magnet strip. They’re designed to hold the weight of knives, so they’ll definitely be able to handle your hair accessories.

6. Experiment with New Shelves in Weird Spots

And by weird, we mean above doors, above the shower head and even above the mirror. Why not? All of this space is prime real estate for storage. Plus, you only need those tampons once a month. It won’t be a big deal to use a step ladder to reach them, right?

Information provided by BrightNest.com.

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