Maybe you have some friends visiting from out of town. Or, maybe you’re trying to earn some extra cash by AirBNBing your spare bedroom.

Either way, the ability to really “wow” your houseguests is important.

But how can you achieve this mythical “wow” factor? It’s actually not that hard! Impressing houseguests is all about small doses of thoughtfulness. Here are five ideas:

1. WiFi Password

Just because someone is on vacation at your house doesn’t mean they’re cutting all ties with email and Facebook!

Save them the trouble of asking for your WiFi password by writing it on a piece of paper or on a chalkboard that’s visible in the guestroom. Your guest will appreciate the gesture, and you’ll avoid the awkward “I’m not sure I remember my password?” conversation.  

2. Mini Toiletries

Compare these experiences:

1. Using a half-empty bottle of Head and Shoulders from 1999

2. Enjoying a cute, mini-bottle of spa shampoo from a nice hotel

Number two is way better! Don’t force your guests to use bottom-of-barrel toiletries. It only takes a few hotel stays to collect everything your guests need (shampoo, conditioner, face soap, toothpaste, etc.). Store them under the sink until you have company! When they’re in town, place them on the counter or in a basket for easy access.

3. Pitcher of Water at Night

Think back to all of the times you’ve been a guest in someone else’s home. Two-thirty in the morning rolls around, and you wake up thirsty. Nothing would be better than a cool glass of water, but in a strange home, you probably aren’t exactly comfortable wandering around the hallways looking for a beverage in your pajamas.

Save your guests from this plight! Set a pitcher of water and a clean glass or two in their bedroom before they arrive.

4. Provide a (Clean) Robe

Fact: everything feels more luxurious when there are robes involved. Grab a spare from your collection, give it a wash if necessary and set it up in the guest bathroom. Then, add a little note saying it’s for them so they don’t have an internal debate about it when they get out of the shower. No robes? Neatly stack several hand towels and wash clothes instead.

5. The Toilet Paper Triangle

Take a page from the book of every-hotel-you’ve-stayed-at-ever: Fold the first ply of the toilet paper in your guest bathroom into a triangle! This takes 10 seconds (tops), and there’s a good chance it results in a smile and a comment from your houseguest. 

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